My year in Sweden

I left Brussels early 2018 to move to Sweden, seeking a new challenge off the beaten track. This adventure brought me on a 3 000km journey, from Stockholm to the west coast, then up to the far north and back to the east coast.  

Very enthusiastic about working outside in the nature, meeting new people, I spent the last months as a volunteer – or « woofer ». These experiences were a real breath of fresh air, truly inspirational to come up with new professional ideas, and use my skills in communication to help my hosts.

Episode 1 – Permaculture experience

In March 2018 I joined a permaculture as a volunteer for few weeks near Göteborg called Knalten Ekologiska Grönsaker. For 4 years this farm produces more than 40 different types of vegetables which are certified under the organic EU and KRAV labels.

What I did

I contributed to improve their communication strategy (SEO, social networks, visuals) and I developed the company’s website.

Have a look:

Episode 2 – Meeting the huskies in the North

Between April and June 2018 I joined a Huskies farm as a volunteer in the North of Sweden, near Jokkmokk. The small company offers dog sledding tours with huskies through the wilderness of the mountains.

What I did

When I arrived the hosts were in the beginning of their company’s launch so I helped them to create the business plan and the communication strategy. I performed a benchmark on the company’s name, designed the logo and the graphic identity, developed the website and connected it to their Facebook fan page.

Have a look: